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Unwind in the Wind

Windy is a white noise app which utilizes stereoscopic 3D audio to drown out the noise around you.

7 beautiful soundscapes recorded in stereoscopic 3D for headphones

7 Beautiful Soundscapes

In partnership with Emmy-award winning nature sound recordist, Gordon Hempton


Please use headphones!


Wind is invisible. Unpredictable. Powerful. Soothing. Playful. Inspiring. A symbol for Purity. And it masks unwanted noise.


Beautifully crafted audiovisual experience.
Designed & developed by Taptanium.

Beautiful audiovisual experience.
Designed & developed by Taptanium.


Stereoscopic 3D audio.
Optimized for Apple EarPods & headphones.


Seamlessly looped, long recordings.
Encoded in 256 kbps AAC.


7 soundscapes in partnership with Emmy-award winning nature sound recordist Gordon Hempton.


Beautiful artwork by environmental star-illustrator Marie Beschorner.


Music composed for Windy in Hollywood by award-winning composer David Bawiec.


Universal app. Optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Having used Thunderspace previously, I expected a good audio experience and I got one.

Dave Caolo, TUAW


Windy is what a pop-up book would look like in the digital age, if you were to combine it with IMAX audio.

— Gannon Burgett, The Industry


There’s little question Windy has been carefully crafted – she’s a beautiful thing, with some real talented artists and technologists working behind the scenes here.

Paul Sawers, The Next Web


The fact that you can hear in 3D over stereo headphones is truly amazing.

— Dennis Nissen,
Chemnitz University of Technology

Press Kit

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© 2014 Taptanium & Co.  

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★ Nature Sounds ★

© 2014 Quiet Planet & Taptanium

★ Music ★

© 2014 David Bawiec

★ Film Credits ★

Director: Ross Ching
Visual Effects & 1st AD: David Adametz
Executive Producer: Franz Bruckhoff, Taptanium
Illustrator: Marie Beschorner
Nature Sound Recordist: Gordon Hempton
Original Music & Soundtrack: David Bawiec
Location: Los Angeles

★ Website Credits ★

Concept & Design: Kristin Reichwald, Franz Bruckhoff
Illustrations: Marie Beschorner
Photography: Gannon Burgett
Development: Franz Bruckhoff
Font: Jovanny Lemonad
Frameworks: Skeleton, jQuery

★ App Credits ★

Concept, UI, motion, interaction, R&D: Franz Bruckhoff, Taptanium
Visual concept, illustration, character design: Marie Beschorner
3D nature sound recordings, digital mastering: Gordon Hempton, Franz Bruckhoff
Original score composed & conducted for Windy in Hollywood by: David Bawiec
Story development: Vira Haglund
Kawaii character & animation: Franz Bruckhoff

★ Also thanks to... ★
David Bawiec, Liubou Yudasina, Sean Loomis, Gannon Burgett, Kristin Reichwald, Marie Beschorner, Vira Haglund, Mathew Bell, Gordon Hempton, Ross Ching, David Adametz, Dennis Nissen, Lua Lisa Bruckhoff, Warner McGee, Sascha Rahlff, and everyone else who helped beta-test Windy.

Special thanks to ★YOU★ for making this production possible.